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  • A walk through the woods

    A walk through the woods

    Discussing wood and design is like discussing happiness and society. It’s not simply a vast subject but also a philosophical one (“ummm, has someone been reading too much Spinoza at Selency?”). It divides and it reconciles, it puts our purchases into perspective and it reassures us, by default, of our life choices (“oh yep, some Kant too”). We don’t have a preference for just one type of wood, we like all wood. The rough, the smooth, the grained, the light, the dark, the weathered, the painted, etc etc… Let’s just say that choosing a wood is more like responding to a mood. We go for the rough and rustic when we’re filled with nostalgia for holidays past. We decide on the smooth Scandinavian when we’re looking for inner peace. We want to mix things up when we’re feeling a bit bohemian… put simply, we want a wood adapted to our current mood, which translates its role to artisan of our happiness.

    A walk through the woods

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